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World Trumpet TV Network broadcasts the gospel of the kingdom to the hurting and the unreached people all over the world. The urgent global mission of World trumpet TV is to reach unbelievers around the world with faith-based, family-oriented programming that is evangelistic, life-changing, and humanitarian in the mission field. Our Dallas-based network uses satellite, cable, and social media platforms to deliver the Kingdom’s message to the world, as well as 24-hour programming. In addition to world evangelism and global moves of God, we also offer humanitarian transformation initiatives. The gospel is broadcast in more than 170 nations in more than a dozen languages. An educational and wholesome channel for children ages two to twelve provides content that is christ-centered and filled with meaningful Christian values. As a result, we are expanding into the Spanish-speaking world with a Spanish-language network which could reach over 250 million households across Latin America. Many viewers nowadays prefer viewing content online because it is convenient. There is a whole generation who doesn’t watch traditional television anymore. As part of the network’s global platform, World Trumpet Network offers its popular apps to smartphones, smart TVs, iPads, and other mobile devices along with its website. Available via Apple TV. Roku TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and the web. Video on Demand is another innovative feature that allows viewers to access thousands of hours of exclusive world trumpet network content at their convenience. In our ministry, we are pleased to partner with ministries that have a vision to reach millions of people each week to bring them to Christ.


Our mission statement is GO YE. – Mark 16:15 Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation… We engage in humanitarian missions in disaster-affected regions. We also broadcast global moves of God with our world-wide reach and inspirational 24/7 programming. World trumpet TV network is dedicated to serving the mission of returning millions of lost souls to God with the highest level of faith-based media professionalism. Several global satellite networks have partnered with World Trumpet to reach every corner of the globe. Our programming is distributed across all major platforms to reach households in North America and is based in the United States. The projected number of smart television users in the United States from 2016 to 2022 is growing fast. The estimated number will reach 150 million by 2022. Around 80% of the global TV market is accounted for by Smart TVs. The global market for Smart TVs increased by nearly a billion units in 2021, showing the demand for richly featured consumer electronics is on the rise. Each year, technologies are advancing at a faster pace. By using all the available technologies, we aim to reach a billion people in this hurting world. Using all platforms possible: Direct TV, AT&T UNIVERSE, Satellite networks, DISH NETWORK, Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, /iTunes, AndroidTV, social media sites, conversion-optimized website, mobile apps, and other SmartTV platforms. We are taking the gospel to the world because of these new smart technologies 24/7.


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